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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

How does Wallop Fuel Buster works?

The fuel we use contains impurities that do not combust at temperatures lower than 600˚C thus forming carbon deposits. This becomes a problem because the surfaces of the combustion chamber stay cooler than 600˚C, which means that these deposits will not burn off by itself. These carbon deposits will then build up in different parts of our engine. They are the cause of the fuel mileage drop over the life of your vehicle and the overall decline in engine performance.

When deposits are present in the combustion chamber, some fuel will actually escape the combustion process by soaking into the deposits. This fuel is then emitted during the exhaust phase as unburned hydrocarbon.

Wallop Fuel Buster is a combustion catalyst that allows the carbon deposits to burn off at temperatures as low as 200˚C as opposed to 600˚C. Wallop Fuel Buster bonds to these impurities and deposits, and as a catalyst it allows a chemical reaction to happen at a lower temperature where it normally wouldn't happen. This chemical reaction allows the impurities to completely combust, and the deposits to burn off. Wallop Fuel Buster works well for new and old engine alike.

The result of adding Wallop Fuel Buster into our fuel would be:

  • Greater fuel efficiency up to 20% more mileage for your vehicle
  • Engine parts life are extended by up to 100% and requires less maintenance
  • Your vehicle's gas emission is reduce by up to 90% contributing to cleaner air
Click on the image above to view the full benefits. After knowing all the benefits I would term Wallop Fuel Buster as 'vitamins' for our car :)

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Unleaded gas prices are up!

Unleaded gas prices are up again this year, how do you get the best gas mileage out of your car? I have tested a revolutionary fuel saving tablets called Wallop Fuel Buster (direct from the US manufacturer) that is able to save up to 20% of my gas mileage.

I drive a 2005 Hyundai Accent 1.5L and I need RM70 for a full tank. I get a mileage of approximately 400km before using Wallop Fuel Buster. Now, my mileage goes up to 480km consistently, that is a whopping 20% savings! I calculate that I save RM14 worth of fuel each time I fill up.

You can do the calculations with your own car using ±20% of savings as a benchmark and imagine how much you would save! I will be making this available commercially at my online store soon. Be sure to watch out for it.